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Artist Statement

What is it to be a woman in today’s developed world? Is it important if you are partnered, married, single, childless or child free? What type of partner is right for you? And do you need one?.....These are all questions I ruminate and respond to within my practice.  

Primarily routed in printmaking, my art practice is often narratively based. Using raw printmaking techniques including monotype and lithography as well as paintings to express often highly sexually charged, erotic and romantic scenes. 

Through the use of bold characters interwoven with text, I use colour, wit and humour to draw my viewers into a collaborative dance with my protagonists. Creating a visual ‘propaganda’ of sorts subverting traditional narratives on womanhood, online dating and gender roles. 

I seek to ask questions not only of society but of ourselves. How do we see ourselves within these structures, and are they real? 


At the heart of my practice is a quest to understand, to be understood, to educate and to empathise. To create a space for dialogue and to redraw our past histories.  

Gurl crush on canvas_edited.jpg

Want to know more? find me at @amywigginart  or contact me at to discuss projects or collaborations. 

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